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November 23rd, 2011, 2:03 pm



Ah. yes. you read that right. I'm very sorry.
This is my Resignation. Well. really. a Semi-formal resignation.
I'll still be making comics in my free time. When I get that one amazing idea and I'm thinking "AH! I MUST DRAW THAT!"
But that's exactly the point. HOW MUCH FREE TIME DO I REALLY HAVE?
Nowadays, little to none. You've seen me releasing comics lately about once every three weeks, maybe even three months. I simply can't keep up.
When I do have time, coming up with a comic is just a little hard sometimes too, and if drawing comics becomes a chore, then that defeats the purpose doesn't it?
I'm very sorry again. and I love comics but keeping up my own is proving to be difficult. I'm so happy I lasted even one year.
Well. point is, don't expect updates, check if you wish because I may be in one of those comic drawing moods. Who knows, sometime (summer maybe?) I'll just get fired up and start drawing 3 a week again! Wouldn't that be amazing?
This is just my way of saying, I'm not sure how long this comic will last because I can't keep it updated with new stuff to read. I will however continue using it to share comics and pictures with my friends.
Ok. this is starting to all sound really redundant.
You get the point.
I probably should have typed something like this up a loooooooooong time ago.

Well. It's been fun.
I love my fans. If I had any. haha
Thank you for everything.
You won't be seeing me around that much more though.


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November 24th, 2011, 11:32 am

thank you for your very cool, very absurd comics. take care!

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November 26th, 2011, 9:24 am


Yes you have me as a fan. Thank you for the awesome comics, I got many laughs out of them, seriously. I'll probably read over them again whenever I need cheering up.
Your comic will always be here on SmackJeeves, and I'll still have it faved.

You gotta do what you gotta do,
I'm just glad you did what you did. :)
Good luck in whatever you choose to do in life.

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